Inspiring Stories, Quotes and Tales for the Soul

The three little words you should never tell a young boy
The video is a trailer for an upcoming film documentary on the subject of masculinity in America. It’s an insightful piece from the folks who brought us Miss Representation. Check out the video and please share on Facebook and Twitter if you agree that we need to explore to... Read more
Watch this woman perform jaw-dropping music with just her hands and a metallic turtle shell.
The performer in this video is named Yuki Koshimoto and the instrument is called a Space Drum, which is a member of the steel drum family. The music she is able to produce with this simple instrument is beautiful and inspiring. Read more
Do something meaningful with your digital photos
Take a look at Hailey Bartholomew’s story and see if you can commit to documenting the things you’re grateful for with photographs. Once per day, every day for the next year. It will change your life. You can learn more about the project at Read more
This guy was told he would never walk again. What he did next will make you stand up and cheer.
This man’s incredible story reminds us all of the power of never giving up, no matter what the odds. Read more
20th Century Fox gave this guy $25,000 to promote their movie. Here’s the amazing thing he did instead.
A truly inspiring story of how Casey Neistat took $25,000 that 20th Century Fox provided for a short film to promote The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. He and a friend took the money instead and spent it to help victims of the typhoon in the Philippines. The task... Read more
Watch this 11-year old take on a heavy metal band in an epic guitar battle on stage
Little Aidan Fisher, age 11, can play the electric guitar. Really well. All because of dedication and lots of practice. A lot of practice. That’s pretty inspired for an 11-year old boy. He idolizes famed guitarist Eddie Van Halen, and wherever he goes, he carries his guitar book so... Read more