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Life is What Happens to You
Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. – John Lennon, Beautiful Boy   Read more
Jimmy Valvano’s 1993 ESPY Speech
Jimmy Valvano was a highly successful, charismatic, and beloved college basketball coach in the 1980s. He delivered this speech during ESPN’s ESPY award show in 1993, just eight weeks before he died of cancer at the relatively young age of 47. In the speech, Valvano acknowledged his losing battle with... Read more
Never Quite as Scary

Never Quite as Scary

Quotes January 12, 2014

Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend. – Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes) This quote is from the beloved comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes, penned by cartoonist Bill Watterson. The comic strip followed the adventures of young Calvin and his best friend, the stuffed tiger... Read more
This is Water

This is Water

Videos January 12, 2014

This is the commencement speech to the Kenyon College class of 2005, delivered by David Foster Wallace. In it, he discusses the subjects of empathy, awareness and the general lonesomeness of adult life. The title of the speech originates from the following simple parable: There are these two young fish... Read more
You’ll be amazed at what this kid wants to be when he grows up.
The answer is pretty simple. Kids want to grow up to be happy. Watch this inspiring video to see how Logan LaPlante used his own unconventional homeschooling program to make sure he’s on that very simple path to happiness. In this insightful TedTalk, Logan puts a case that education... Read more
The Decision to Act

The Decision to Act

Quotes January 11, 2014

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. – Amelia Earhart Amelia Earhart was a famous aviator and the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Read more
Sometimes You Have to Lie
Sometimes you have to lie. But to yourself you must always tell the truth. – Louise Fitzhugh (Harriet the Spy) In her novel, Harriet the Spy, Louise Fitzhugh observes that unfortunately, circumstances may sometimes call for less than truthful statements. But even in these situations, it is important to always... Read more
The three little words you should never tell a young boy
The video is a trailer for an upcoming film documentary on the subject of masculinity in America. It’s an insightful piece from the folks who brought us Miss Representation. Check out the video and please share on Facebook and Twitter if you agree that we need to explore to... Read more
Strikes and Home Runs

Strikes and Home Runs

Quotes January 9, 2014

Every strike brings me closer to the next home run. – Babe Ruth George Herman “Babe” Ruth was one of the best baseball players of all-time and for decades remained the reigning home run champion. But he also struck out a lot. This quote reminds us that in order... Read more
Watch this woman perform jaw-dropping music with just her hands and a metallic turtle shell.
The performer in this video is named Yuki Koshimoto and the instrument is called a Space Drum, which is a member of the steel drum family. The music she is able to produce with this simple instrument is beautiful and inspiring. Read more